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About Me

Hi, and thank you for visiting our web site. Our names are James Hernandez and Tracy Percival. We live in West Milford, NJ. We hope you find our web site informative as well as enjoyable. Our site is dedicated to this truly unique breed, The Thai Ridgeback Dog. The Royal Dog of Thailand.

After having owned Rottweilers for many years, I stumbled onto this breed in 1996. The breed totally mesmerized me when I first saw it. I couldn't believe my eyes, and from that day forward, I knew I would own one. About eight months after our Rottie passed on, we started thinking of another dog to get. I then told Tracy, "Let's get a Thai Ridgeback." She had no clue what that was, so I went on the internet and located pictures for her. When she saw them, it took all of one second to convince her. She was in love. At this point we started having serious discussions to breed the dogs. We were looking to find a breed such as this, and it sparked our desires and passions. We bacame very active with the rare breed shows and networks. It was our desire to make our contributions to a breed such as this majestic dog. Since our first inquiry for the dogs, we have acquired four outstanding dogs. The TRD has changed our lives considerably, and we hope our web site and our dogs will help you decide if the TRD will touch your lives as it did ours! Our goal is to aid in the betterment and promotion of this outstanding animal, to help others to understand and appreciate the TRD, and to help others experience the happiness this dog will bring. We have been working professionals for the better part of our lives, and involved in the trades, and customer satisfaction. We both strive to do our best, to achieve top results in our work, and we aim to continue this in our breeding program. We wish to share the beauty of our dogs and this breed with others. Please contact us with any questions you may have.We will more than happy to answer them for you.

James Hernandez and Tracy Percival

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