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15 Apr The gsk7cmd command provides a command line interface for certificate management tasks that might otherwise be provided by the ikeyman. 3 Jan The Java command line interface to IKEYMAN, gsk7cmd, provides the necessary options to create and manage keys, certificates and certificate requests. Important: Only use gsk7cmd, the command line interface, if you are unable to implement IKEYMAN, the graphical user interface. The gsk7cmd command is available on UNIX systems only. If you are using certificates or keys stored on PKCS #11 cryptographic hardware, note that iKeycmd.

–keydb –changepw: Change the password for a key database: For the gsk7cmd and runmqckm commands: keydb -changepw -db filename -pw password. gsk7cmd -keydb -create -db -type Changing the password: (stashing the passwords are done for the cms database only). Command: gsk7cmd. Purpose: gsk7cmd is a command line tool for certificate management. Prerequisite: set JAVA_HOME varriable. Example: export.

30 Jun gsk7cmd -cert -list -db /tmp/ -pw abc gsk7cmd -cert -create -db /tmp/ -pw abc -label TST_Cert -size -dn. 16 Nov MQ SSL gsk7cmd some common commands. Looking at hits I get for my blog " enabling SSL on a MQ channel" I can confirm it appears to be a. 15 Jun Use the gsk7cmd command to create and sign the certificates. Run the gsk7cmd for a full list of the parameters you can use on the command.