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Pressure Unit Conversion Table atm ata. (kg/cm2). Torr. (mm Hg) in. Hg. (32℉) mm water. (4℃) in water. (60℉) bar. Mpa. Kpa. PSI. (lb/in) atm. 1. Pressure. Atm. Torr. Bar. mBar. mmHg. inHg. mmH inH Nm-2 (Pa). kPa psi (lb/in2) kg/cm2. % Vacuum. 1 Atm. The table refers to DIN Part 1 () and Part 3 (). In accordance with the Execution Ordinance to the law on units in metrology. (Ferderal German.

PRESSURE CONVERSION TABLE. To use the above table, locate the initial measurement along the top of the table, and multiply by the number in the row that. Pressure Conversion Chart in/H2O 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. These conversion tables are provided for your reference. Units Conversion Table 9. Mass Flow Units. Table High Pressure Units. Table Low Pressure .

1MPa = kgf/c㎡. 1MPa = atm. 1MPa = mmAq. 1MPa = mmHg. Pressure Unit Conversion Table. Measurement and Pressure. Example: PSI to Feet To convert 22 PSI into feet of water at 50°F, find the row that is labeled “lb per sq in.” Look across to the column labeled “ft water (50°F). Conversion table for standard pressure units. Unit bar mbar. Pa. kPa. MPa kp/ mm² kp/cm² atm. mmHg. mWs. mmWs psi. "H. 2O. "Hg. 1. 1.