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Kanya   SEX   Female
  D.O.B.   01/10/2004

20 inches

  WEIGHT   42 lbs.
  RIDGE   Violin/Guitar
  COLOR   Red with Black Mask

KANYA is our newest addition to the Royal Dog family. She is another Thai import originating from Chiang Mai. We acquired her in late February; her name means Lady in Thai.

KANYA is a young female now but is showing all the necessary points to make an outstanding TRD. Although her show experience is minimal currently, she has won a few Best puppy in group to date. We will be showing her more now as she is a little older. We do expect to have a future champion with her.

KANYA is extremely well bred and is of the true TRD type and coloration. She has a fiesty personality, yet she is loving and affectionate. She is a free type spirit, and seems to have not a care in the world. She is highly intelligent, learning quickly, but can tend to be a little bull headed as well. She displays at a very early age, a strong guard instinct of our homestead. She is very alert and active and misses nothing. She is a smaller TRD, but her size does not stop her from anything. She is a little tuffy. She has no problem letting the other dogs know who she is. Her type, personality, and overall conformation to standard is the essence of her beauty. We couldn't be happier with her, and we look forward to sharing her future developments and achievements with you. Please check in occasionally for current pictures and developments on her progress. Please stay tuned and look for her litter scheduled for late 2005 with her counter part and partner in crime, THA-LAW.

Please contact us with any specific questions about her.

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