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Sakorn   SEX   Male
  D.O.B.   08/07/2002

24.5 inches

  WEIGHT   66 lbs.
  RIDGE   Arrow
  COLOR   Dark Silver/Blue

Sakorn is our top winning dog. His name means River in Thai. He championed in 2003 with Rarities Inc. He is extremely well bred and is a top representative of the breed. We acquired him in February 2003 as a Thai Import, and was 5 1/2 months old when we received him.

08/2003 - 10/2004

Rarities Inc.
The premier rare breed dog show

  • 18 Best of Breed
  • 6 group firsts
  • 4 group second
  • 4 group third
  • 1 group 4

American Rare Breed Association

  • 2 Reserve Best in Show
  • 9 Best of Breed
  • 7 group 1
  • 1 group 2
  • 1 group 3

2003 TRAC
Thai Ridgeback Specialty Show

  • Best in Show
  • Best of Winners
  • Best Male

Rare Breed Club
South Western Ontario

  • 2 best of breed
  • 1 Group 1
  • 1 group 4

SAKORN(aka Sa-Tang by birth) has a very free independent spirit. He is self sufficient only requiring his daily dose of love. He has a very fearless, happy go lucky personality. Nothing really seems to bother him much. His personality tends to drift from the norm of the breed. Many TRD can be very aloof or defensive with strangers. SAKORN loves everyone as if they are his best friend. He is very happy to come and jump on you and look for your friendship.He is not reserved by any means. He does however look to guard the home from strange occurrences. He is high drive and has a strong prey instinct.His self confidence and his overall conformation and beauty is the reason he has performed so well in the show rings. Many judges have commented on his spirit,movement,and confidence. These are very desirable traits to a judge. They can not overlook it. One AKC judges comments was" He is extremely cocky and full of himself. " FCI Judge Guido Andonninni of ITALY has given him an overall critique of excellent!

He is extremely gentle and affectionate, but he can be easily excitable. He always looks to please us ,but does look to be mischievious occasionally. SAKORN has beaten every TRD he has went into the ring with to date. We will retire him from the ring this year. He will be the main stud in our breeding program.Since we have owned him he has touched our lives immensely, and he truly a best friend.Need we say more about him?

Please contact us with any specific questions about him.

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