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ThaLaw   SEX   Male
  D.O.B.   09/10/2003

25 inches

  WEIGHT   68 lbs.
  RIDGE   Arrow
  COLOR   Black

Thalaw is another fine representation of the breed. We acquired him from Thailand and are quite confident he will be a champion very soon. To date he has won many Jr. Puppy in group, and was Best Puppy in Show in the 2004 TRAC Specialty show in Toronto this year.He has an overall rating of excellent from Judge Guido Andonninni of Italy. He is showing all the points necessarybfor a fine TRD.

ThaLaw has a very loving and affectionate disposition, but he is not one to be messed with. He takes no nonsense from our other dogs ,and is quick to pull the trigger on them if they are out of line with him. He has also taken a particular liking to our baby boy..He is very protective and nurturing of him. None of the other dogs can go near his food or toys, but Daniel can! He can take a bone right out of his mouth, no problem. He has proven himself to be very intelligent and learns everything we teach him instantly.. He is very possesive and protective of each in our family, but is accepting of strangers, as long as there is no threat. He is a very big male and we anticipate he will be about 75 lbs.

His goofy childish spirit, yet strong will and protective instinct are his best attributes,and the main reasons we love him so dearly. His no nonsense attitude has earned his respect in our pack.

We look forward to sharing more of his development and winnings with you in the future.With his great movement and confidence, he will surely be a winner.

Please contact us with any specific questions about him.

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Daeng Nakorn
"Daeng Nakorn"
Thalaw's Great Grandfather
  Kla Tharau
"Kla Tharau"
Thalaw's Great Great Grandfather

ThaLawThaLawThaLaw ThaLawThaLawThaLaw

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