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16 Jan - 47 min - Uploaded by Shaolin kung fu instructor: monk Deyang, from Shaolin temple. complete set of Shaolin kung fu video. 6 Jun - 4 min - Uploaded by ehowhealth Learning Kung Fu involves examining all aspects of the art, including techniques and individual. Wear leg-weights when you practice your kung fu moves. Make a daily routine of doing squats, squat jumps, and step-ups. Other quality leg exercises include: toe jumps, frog jumps, Cossack jumps, one-legged jumps, duck walks, and sprints.

Groups of jump will be need o training you strength and force: Frog jumps, Cossack jumps, duck walks, step ups, squats, squat jumps, sprints, toe jumps, one legged jumps. The monks open the hips at the same time as stretching the leg, and they are a great warm up for fighting kicks and bag work. How beginners choose - How to do kung fu for - Shaolin kung fu training. 13 Feb Basic Kung Fu Moves. Stances form the foundation for all Kung Fu movements, such as strikes and blocks. Beginners start by learning the stances, then slowly become familiar with kicks, punches, elbow strikes and blocks. 10 Apr Learning basic movements, like stances, kicks and punches, can be tedious in the beginning. Kung-fu students have to be willing to tough out.

Practice basic skills is the foundation of Shaolin Kung Fu,Shaolin Kung fu,Kung fu Leg,Ya Tui,Sandbag Leggings,Five Steps Boxing,Wubu Quan,Hit Sandbag. 26 May If You Want to learn kung fu basics. Just follow these steps. shaolin Kungfu basic trainning. One. hand style and technique P22 step-on foot P23 swing-outside foot P24 splashing foot. P25 P P25 hooking foot P