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What kind of dog is that?
A Thai Ridgeback Dog

Where do they come from?

What is their utilization?
Hunting/ guarding

Are they trainable?
Yes they are very trainable,and learn quick. Keeping their attention while training is the key to successful training. Positive reinforcement as well as corrections work best. Heavy corrections and negative enforcement make their working sessions much more difficult,and can create negative response,and can make the dog timid or aggressive.

Are they good family dogs?
Yes the best! They are loyal to each in the family.They are very affectionate and love to please. They do however respond best to strong alpha in the family.

Are they fast?
Yes they are extremely fast and can run with the grace of a gazelle.

Are they aggressive?
Yes they can be aggressive. Most aggressions seen are dog aggression and food aggression. More often with other dogs than their owners or people.

What is their temperament like?
TRDs can range from aloof or shy to bold and strong headed. A finely bred TRD should have a fearless, but even tempered personality. They should respond to their owners with some submission, but be defensive with strangers. They are a pack animal and should know their place in the family hierarchy. Early socialization is crucial in a well rounded TRD.

Are they active?
Yes they are very active and love to run and play. They can adapt to their owners lifestyle, but do require daily exercise to expend their high energy levels. A half hour to and hour romp a day will suffice.

Are they agile?
Yes they easily be trained for agility, and lure coursing. They can jump extremely high, and their movements seem effortless. They are very nimble and use their paws as hands. A fenced yard is recommended for them.

What are they classified as?
They are a true sight hound. They are classified as primitive type. They are also referred to as a pariah type dog. Because of their strong pack instinct and thrill of the chase and hunt. They do have tendencies to bolt in pursuit of prey. Because of this instinct, they do have an aggressive hunting nature. They are the original type of canine.

Will they kill another animal?
Yes they will kill small prey. And will pursue large prey. If they make the catch, it will be to kill . It is very important to establish control of your TRD from a young age. If these instincts are undesirable, they must be corrected from a young age.

Do they fight with other dogs?
Yes some TRD can have strong dog aggression. Most often seen with other TRD. Proper socialization is key. Proper introductions should be made to other dogs. Raising them with other dogs is very helpful in this. They are a true pack animal, so dominant aggressions will be displayed unless corrected early. Walks in dog parks at early ages are very successful.

Are they intelligent?
Their intelligence will truly impress you. Remember they are a true hunting dog. Having fended for themselves for ages. This strong instinct for survival has undoubtedly increased their intelligence over your average dog.

Are they a healthy breed?
Yes they are extremely healthy. Having being naturally bred for centuries. The fittest were naturally chosen. The breed does suffer from Dermoid sinus cysts, has some reports of hip dysplaysia, as well as luxating patella's. Overall the breed is very healthy with minimal health conditions.

What colors do they come in?
Silver/Blue, Black , Red, and Fawn(isabella). Their are different shades in each color, but the deepest and truest is ideal.

Are they an AKC recognized dog?
No, and their are no major efforts to do so by the people involved in the breed. They are truly unique and rare, and most who love this breed want it to stay that way!

Do they require a special diet?
TRDs do best on a high quality, high protein diet. Meat should be incorporated into their diet. It keeps them eating well and fit TRDs will eat commercial dog food, but can be very selective and picky. They do best on meat diets. It is helpful to change their diets occasionally.

Are they good guard dogs?
Yes excellent. They have a natural instinct to protect their owners and homestead. They do not make good police type protection dogs.

Are they good with cats?
Yes they are but should be raised with them from an early age. They do possess a strong prey instinct, so early introductions should be made.

Are they good with kids?
Yes absolutely. They seem to have strong maternal and parental instincts. They sense the youth and treat them accordingly. However as in any breed, supervision should always be administered for any dog and child. Most bites to children happen on accident due to a dog fight in multiple dog homes, or from a child not knowing how to properly behave around a dog. Properly educating children on how to behave with an animal is they key. TRDs are very affectionate and gentle with kids!

Do they roam?
Yes, a TRD has a strong hunting instinct. So a fenced yard is strongly recommended. At least 6 foot high is best, as they can jump very high. They will roam in pursuit of prey. Even the most highly trained TRD may not be able to overcome its drive to hunt. Proper obedience training, as well as a fenced yard is the best way to ensure your TRDs well being.

Are they destructive?
TRDs are very well behaved. They will chew as any pup and some can experience separation anxieties as they are very loyal to their owners. They seem to not care for being alone. Proper training methods should be administered before leaving them alone in a home. Crate training is highly recommended. They learn right and wrong quickly but can be a little mischievous at times!

Are they easy to housebreak?
Yes they are. Most will be 100% house broken in under 2 months time. They are a very clean dog, and you will find they will very seldom mess their crate. Proper housebreaking techniques should be practiced. Again this incorporates crate training as well as proper regimented scheduling.

Are they a high maintenance dog?
No they are not. They require little to no grooming,and only ask for your love by a belly scratch or jumping in your lap for a kiss and hug. They are very self sufficient and independent.

Are they a rare breed?
Absolutely. Acquiring a TRD will require some waiting on a breeders list. There are very few breeders in the USA, Canada, and Europe. There are few quality breeders in Thailand as well. One can acquire a dog directly from Thailand but too must expect a waiting period for the right dog. It is estimated that under 800 dogs are in the USA and Europe, so they are very rare.

Please contact us with any specific questions you may have.

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