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Our Kennel

The Royal Dog Kennels were built to house all of our adult Thai Ridgebacks, as well as offer grooming, a birthing room for pregnant bitches, and a separate room to house the puppies. It is an indoor and outdoor climate controlled structure to offer the dogs their comfort needed in seasonal changes. The dogs have an 8500 square foot run in which they are exercised daily.

The facility also displays all of the awards and trophies won by each of our dogs as well as their pedigrees and pictures for your viewing pleasure. All of our puppies and dogs can be viewed and handled for your selection.

The Royal Dog Kennels are kept impeccably clean to ensure our dogs and puppies optimum health. We feel it is important to provide the dogs a living condition we could live in ourselves.

Socialization: We pride ourselves in raising loving and friendly TRDs, but without suppressing their natural drives to protect and hunt, which makes this breed such an outstanding pet. All of our puppies are whelped and kept with their mother and each other for a period of 6 weeks to ensure proper social skills. They are then housed separate so they stay clean and are ready for their new homes.

We interact with each puppy individually to help them obtain the proper socialization needed for their new homes. A quality bred Thai dog, and properly raised and socialized dog starts with us, and we know that. We are selective of our dogs new homes and take the proper steps to make sure each puppy will remain with their prospective buyers and families for life. In order to do this, it must start here!

Mission Statement: Here at Royal Dog Kennels, our goal is to obtain and breed only the finest Thai Ridgebacks available for the American public. We continually strive to improve the breed, and regularly show our dogs to guarantee our results.

Guarantee: We stand behind all of our breedins', and offer permanent homes to our puppies should your new pup not be working out. We also try to educate our potential new owners of the characteristics and temperaments of this breed to ensure the puppies and the owners well being.

The TRD makes a wonderful pet, but proper education is crucial as it is not a breed for everyone. By educating each potential owner coupled with proper interviewing, we can help you decide if the TRD is a pet for you!

We urge you to come visit our kennel, to see the dogs in real life, as this will surely help in your decision making. You may then see their interactions, their beauty, athleticism, and their temperaments. This is very important, as we feel seeing them is an intrical part in aiding you to understand and appreciate the breed. A picture is worth a thousand words, but seeing is believing!

Thank you for your interest in this Royal Dog of Thailand, the Thai Ridgeback Dog!

James Hernandez and Tracy Percival
Owners/Operators/ Royal Dog Kennels

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