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Age: 8 years

Color: Blue

Breed: Thai Ridgeback

Koji came to me in the summer of 2005. He came with a history of biting his owners. Not bad, but he had bitten. He was dominant, and was quite a defensive handful when he first arrived. Some may even think he was "scary".. But I knew better.

I knew with the proper handling and leadership, he would be a great dog. KOJI lived his life where he thought he was King, he thought he was a human, and he thought as a result his humans were beneath him. It was a life of stress and pressure for him. Having to constantly protect your lower ranking pack members, always having to keep guard and never learning to just relax, made his life very stressful.

As a result, he found the need to constantly "correct" his owners resulting in a few bites. This is when they felt they could not keep him any longer and brought him to me.

I have had the pleasure of keeping Koji's company for about 2 years now, and what a great dog he turned out to be. Once he knew he no longer had to be the boss, and had a boss he respected, he became a little mush. He loves playing with our son Daniel who is 4 years old. He loves running with a couple other dogs we have. They became his buddies, but in dog world, not all can be friends.

Koji is house broken, defecates on command, sits, lays down, balances treats on his nose, speaks on command, gives his paw as well as other tricks. He is amazingly smart and food driven. He will do anything for food.

He would like a strong family of mild to moderate activity to run and play with, people who will be good positive leaders who know how to let him be a dog and will do fine with kids, but older preferred,who knows how to respect a dog.

Koji will require that you meet him in person a few times, walk with him, pet him and feed him to learn if you are compatible and gain his trust. Whoever the lucky family is to do this, will have a new family member to spend the rest of his days with having a loving ,licky, kissy dog who just wants to be a happy dog. Are you right for KOJI?

Pictures of Koji :

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